Obtaining an ID card in Ecuador

Obtaining an order to apply for your identity card is an important process for those foreigners who already have their temporary and permanent visa and wish to receive their identity card from the Civil Registry.

Whether you are obtaining an identity card for the first time or renewing, it is essential that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the corresponding authorization through the issuance of the identity card order. After obtaining this order you will be able to receive your identification card from the Civil Registry.

The mandatory requirements to obtain your identity card include:

Requested appointment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the appropriate department

ID order form

Valid passport (6 months)

Copy of visa

Migratory movement (This is required for a permanent residence if the visa was granted more than 180 days ago. This is required for a temporary resident, if the visa was granted more than 90 days ago.)

Proof of visa requirements (For example, if you apply for the retiree visa, a copy of a retirement letter/pension will be required)

Certificate of health insurance with full coverage (Only for retiree and investor visas)

Additional special requirements:

Loss of ID report (in the case that you have lost your identification card)

Disabled person card (include a copy in a folder)

Documents issued abroad must be duly apostilled or legalized, and translated into Spanish. We recommend translating and notarizing your documents in Ecuador.

The price of an ID order is $10 and a 50% exemption applies for seniors (65 years and older).

People with a disability equal to or greater than 30%, who present a disability card issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador, will receive a 100% exemption.

Once the certificate order has been obtained you will have 15 days from the date of issue to go to the offices of the Civil Registry located in the cities of Quito, Guayaquil, or Cuenca.

The Civil Registry will require your apostilled and translated birth certificate along with other important documents depending on your situation and visa type. These documents include a marriage certificate or proof of de facto union and/or the copy of your degree registered in the Senescyt system. These documents must include complete data for both the visa holder, spouse, parents, and place of education if submitting a degree.

Author, Atty Marcos Chiluisa: info@ecuaassist.com .

City: Cuenca

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