Help Gabby Smile again, raise awareness, wear helmets one unlucky fall

Hi! I’m Gabriela. While working after college I had a very unlucky accident. While getting a ride home on an electric scooter I fell and broke my jaw up to my cheekbones. I had to move to Ecuador for my recovery, as it’s a bit cheaper. I am now 9 months post op. I finally got braces but I will need bone graft, gum graft, implants and crowns. Always need new X-rays and tomography’s.

My previous job in the US was super kind to make me a page to start helping with costs. If anyone can share, donate; anything helps me:

Again I thank any kind of sharing as it helps reach people. Maybe kids who choose to not wear a helmet during these fun rides but don’t know how just one unlucky fall can set you back.

Gabriela: .

City: Cuenca

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