Harmony Farm offers volunteering / cultural exchange in Jungle

The story of industrial civilization tells us that limitless economic growth, advanced technology and material affluence are the pathways to prosperity, but as we reflect on the world today, it is clear that this is failing both the people and the planet.

Living a simple and sustainable lifestyle, within one’s means and without doing harm to others, is the solution to a better planet and the survival of our species. In a society that is built on comfort, greed and profit; this will only result in destruction and demise.

We believe that by living simply, sustainably, and Living in Harmony with Nature, we can increase personal satisfaction, meaning and richness in the world.


Harmony Farm (Finca Armonía) is located two miles Northwest of Zamora on one of the few and winding dirt roads going out of town. Zamora is one of the highest bio-diversity areas on earth, a top five bio-diverse hot spot in the world! The Podocarpus National Park is considered, the “Botanical Garden of America” or “The Land of Birds and Waterfalls”. This is truly a spectacular place.

Our Farm

The property is located on a vertical piece of land running from 3,300 feet to 5,000 feet in altitude. You will find plentiful water on the property running off the mountain from the North, including springs, ravines and a rushing river at the bottom where one can take a bath. You will be immersed in nature and wildlife. Expect humid subtropical weather, with a rainy season from December to July and a dry season (but still lots of rain!) from August to November. It can also be cool or even chilly at nights, reaching lows in the 60s and highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.

Current Projects

We have lots going on. We’ve planted 400+ trees on the property. Daily work might entail trail maintenance, green housing, composting, hauling soil, sand and gravel, planting of exotic trees, grass cutting and maintenance of structures, miscellaneous tasks and the beginning of new projects.

About the Host: Nicholas Barringer lives part-time to full-time on the property. Volunteers or couples can stay in a cabin on the property, refurbished and built last year. It has a double size bed, gas stove for cooking, outdoor shower and access to naturally filtered spring water for drinking and an outhouse. Volunteers will need to be fine with spending a lot of alone time out in nature and have a strong worth ethic. Please contact Nicholas for more information.

Nicholas Barringer: nicholasbarringer@protonmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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