Fundraiser Concert for Tadeo Torres Orphanage

Edit: The Blackdogs have decided to join us for the event and will be joining us this Sunday!

On August 13th, Common Grounds Sports Bar is hosting a fundraiser for Tadeo Torres Home for Children.

Performing at the event are Deb Davis, William Maher, and Michael Lee. In addition to this, several other local musicians will also be attending and playing alongside our headliners!

A little about what we’re raising money for:

Established in 1890, Tadeo Torres is Cuenca’s oldest orphanage and has helped well over 2,000 children since it opened its doors. Since the pandemic, their donations have declined approximately 80%, in both money and items.

We are raising money to purchase a U-See Vision Kit. The U-See is an optometrist kit for use in underdeveloped areas. Developed by non-profit group Global Vision 2020 and Johns Hopkins University, the U-See allows someone with minimum medical experience to administer a refraction vision test, giving that person their vision prescription, lenses, and choice of frame size and color, for a cost of under $5 per lens.

Our goal is to raise the funds for Tadeo Torres to purchase this kit so they can offer this service to the people of Cuenca. They will also be able to loan the kit(s) out to other organizations around Ecuador and offer vision to underdeveloped communities for an immensely reduced cost to them.

So, we’re looking to be able to simultaneously provide a revenue stream for Tadeo Torres Home for Children for years to come, as well as bringing a tool to underdeveloped areas to improve the lives of potentially thousands of people in Ecuador.

Visit Tadeo Torres on Facebook and Global Vision 2020 on the web for the GoFundMe link. Or, contact me for more information on anything about our project and goals.

Thank you for your time and see you there!

Jeff Simmerman

August 13th, from 3 to ??? free

Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional

Jeff Simmerman: 303 435 2529

City: Cuenca

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