Help Gabby smile again, accident

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Help Gabby smile again, accident 

On the way home from work in New York I was in a really bad accident. A simple ride from a scooter flipped and I broke my jaw in three places all the way up to my cheek bones. I lost a few teeth, unfortunately the front ones. As living alone trying to save for my masters it was a big scare but luckily I was able to stay at Elmhurst Hospital, had great doctors to save my jaw and reconstruct my face, but the recovery process is very long and costly. Due to that, I moved to Ecuador for a better chance to reconstruct my mouth and recover.

Due to New York being so expensive, I’ve had to move to Ecuador to have my arch bar removed and then I must have bone graft, gum graft, braces, implants and teeth put in. I am now working, since I have lost almost all my savings in staying afloat until I was able to move to Ecuador from NY. Any help is hugely be appreciated. I am now 9 months post op and finally got braces! Although I am doing monthly payments soon I will need tomography to see when I can start with the bone graft and I would really appreciate any help. After the bone graft I may be able to do the gum graft, then have to wait another couple months for that to grab on and then implants. I do hope all that goes well here in Cuenca, I do plan on traveling to Quito and it’s just cost after cost that I cannot quite afford comfortably with my paycheck here. My job in Astoria, NY was so amazing to help me start the page and with the amount we raised I was able to pay my ticket to Ecuador and get a couple exams done (x-rays and tomography’s) but I always need new ones as I progress. Again, I appreciate any help or any sharing of my page to also raise awareness.. as scooters seem so harmless, but just one unlucky fall and you could lose a big part of your face and life. I reach out once again for any help as I am struggling in a foreign country trying to do my best and could really use any help and sharing to reach more people to also share my story. Thank you again for listening, reading, and helping me out.

Gabriela: .

City: Cuenca

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