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One year ago, Maria (18 years old) arrived at the doors of Fundación Nur with her three weeks old baby Juan. The baby was sucking her finger because he was hungry, he couldn’t even cry. Maria was ready to give him away and end her life. Taking care of the baby by herself was overwhelming and an impossible task for her.

Patty and Jorge, founders of Fundación Nur, psychologists and physicians supported her process to heal and find hope. She learned how to take care and nurture baby Juan too. Fundación Nur became her new family.

Today, Maria attends the parenting workshops every week to learn how to be a good mother to Juan. When setting goals for the year, she expressed that she wants to finish school and we are helping her to register and to get a scholarship to reach her goal.

The preventive health program at Nur allows her to keep baby Juan and herself healthy. She receives food through the assistance program too.
Maria smiles and carries smile Juan in her back.

Maria’s, and baby Juan’s new life couldn’t be possible without the help of donors that make Nur and these programs available.

Thank you so much to the 47 people that have supported Nur until December ’23. Do you want to join them?

We are very close to the goal of this campaign and need just 9 more donors of $20 a month for 8 months or a one-time payment of $160.

The campaign allows Fundación Nur to provide education and preventive health to 135 people (parents and kids) that we support.

Please visit this link to learn more or make your donation: https://fundnur.org/puzzle.html

Thank you!
Fundación Nur

Photo: Juan’s health check by physician Khadije a year ago.

Nela Navarrine: fundraising@fundnur.org +593 97 937 8786. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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