Kiru natural solid shampoos in Gracie’s Naturals

Kiru (local brand) natural solid shampoo bars are based on coconut oil and cacao butter, with other natural ingredients benefiting your hair, and are all in stock in Gracie’s Naturals:
*Vegan and Cruelty-free
*No salt
*No paraben
*No glycerin
*Travel storage solutions for on the go

Five different choices. Pick your favorite one:

1. Anti-Fall: Made with natural extracts, rosemary, nettle, ginger, coffee, and onion oleates. Perfect for the prevention of alopecia and hair regeneration.
2. Anti-Dandruff: It contains thyme, neem, nettle, and sage. A gentle formula that helps combat scalp issues.

3. For Oily hair: The natural properties of citrus control the production of hair sebum and keep your hair strong and healthy. It also contains oatmeal, mint, and passion fruit oil.
4. For Dry hair: Made with lavender, horsetail, and avocado oil to provide incomparable hydration from root to tip. Also Perfect for mistreated and dyed hair.
5. For Sensitive Scalp: Made from calendula, chamomile, and turmeric to care for your scalp.

Price: $11.20/80g


City: Cuenca

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