Airplane kites

If you want to amaze the kids, the Red Barron kite will certainly get their attention. This kite is easy to fly and doesn’t require a lot of wind, which makes it perfect for Cuenca.

If having a one-of-a-kind kite is more your style, I can assure you no one else in Ecuador has a colorful Sharper Image Triplane kite like this one.

These airplane kites are in great condition and also look great as room decorations when they are not flying in the skies.

Both kites are made of Rip Stop nylon with fiberglass frames and quality stitching.

Red Barron (50” W x 42” L) originally $20 – reduced to $15
Triplane (60” W x 44” L) originally $40 – reduced to $35
You can walk away with both for $45

If you want pictures or would like to make an appointment to see these kites, just call or message Cherrie 099 220 3001 after 9 AM.

Cherrie: 099 220 3001

City: Cuenca

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