Update to What’s Cookin’, Cuenca?

Ten years ago, I wrote a very popular shopping and cooking guide called “What’s Cookin’, Cuenca? A gringo guide to shopping and preparing food in Ecuador.” I wrote it because when I arrived here in 2012, it was hard to find ingredients and favorite foods. It’s an easier world now! I originally printed a purse-size book that one could take on shopping trips, and also an e-book.

Now, we have a much larger availability of formerly unavailable products! But my guide, with translations of cooking terms, ingredients, hints, and sources, is still useful. I am in the process of publishing a 2023 version. Many of the original sources are gone. Many new sources are here!

If you are a provider of specialty goods or food-related services, this is your last chance to be included in the 2023 edition! Send me your business name, what you supply, your contact information, and anything else you would like our community to know about your business. Tell me NOW, because we are ready to go to print! I need to hear from you this week!

Frances Hogg Lochow: FAHOGG@aol.com .

City: Cuenca

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