The Rose Guy Delivers To the US

The Rose Guy Delivers to any US address with FREE SHIPPING.

The Special Days of June.

June 8th, Best Friend’s Day
June 12th, Red Rose Day
June 18th, Father’s Day
June 29th, Last day to order for July 4th

From small, sweet gestures to grand expressions of love, The Rose Guy has floral arrangements to suit every budget. With our wide range of options, you can find the perfect sized bouquet to match the occasion and express your feelings.

So, what’ll it be? 24 roses to 100 roses or something in between to our Exclusive Barbara McKay Collection.

Use the discount code beautifulecuador10 at checkout.

The Rose Guy has been serving the community for 6.5 years.
Roses with latitude and longitude.

Hugh Prather: 096 826 3588

City: Cuenca

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