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Monica Gonzaga, relocation consultant services in Ecuador

Facilitator since 2014. I am an expert in relocation to this beautiful country.

There are many families that I have helped to come to Ecuador. They contacted me from their countries via Zoom, WhatsApp, email, telegram, Instagram, etc.

My service goes further than all the local facilitators. Do not be afraid of coming to a strange country where you do not know anyone, the language, and the culture. From now on you already have someone here in Ecuador who speaks your same language, who knows your culture and most importantly someone who understands your needs.

My service is not in itself a tourist guide. My service is a guide to a new life in this beautiful country. I am the person who you need to know to guide you step by step about the beautiful country of Ecuador. However, I am also the person who will guide you in the most important needs to become an Ecuadorian resident, Temporary or Permanent as well as Citizen if you want.

Here are the diverse, but not limited, services I offer:

– Temporary Resident Visas
– Permanent Resident Visas
– Visas for other countries
– Citizenships
– Relocations
– Cedulas
– Driver’s License
– Car Register (Matricula)
– Ecuadorian and USA Police record
– Power of Attorney (POA)
– End of life planning

Are you new here? Ok, I have a package that will help you well: Open a bank account, get a cell phone line, learn how to do a transfer from your country bank to your new bank account here, enroll in IESS or search for health insurance, house hunting, rental or buying, prepare the rental contract (this is very important) buy the bus card, Tranvia pass card, etc.

Need a first tour around the city? In a car get to know the neighborhoods surrounding and walk around the historic center? Contact me, I can do that for you. I have a precious tour prepared if you visit Cuenca the first time you will love the walking tour with me.

I have a lot of recommendations from satisfied customers who support me, they will always be at your disposal.

What are you waiting for? Come to know Ecuador, contact me now. I’m waiting for you. I can’t wait to show you the wonders that my country has.

Benedicto XV

Monica Gonzaga
098 384 1691

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