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Your self-care health routine should include my 90 minute massage

Today our days pass by so quickly no matter what your age is and most people struggle to find time for themselves, self-care is a great way to manage the pressures that you face each day. A 90-minute massage brings you relief for stress, tired muscles, insomnia, arthritis, even change in your overall mood and more. I offer these massage options to choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Facial Cleansing, Reflexology, Chocolate Massage Therapy, combined with oils to hydrate the skin and tranquil music for total relaxation.

What is chocolate massage Therapy? Due to cocoa’s natural properties, it relieves anxiety and stress by producing and secreting endorphins in the body. The rich scent and the smooth feel create a relaxing atmosphere during the massage, having a calming effect. It also contains theobromine, which helps to burn fat, and besides, it nourishes, firms, hydrates, and moisturizes the skin.

Start improving your life and overall health today schedule your 90-minute massage with me and experience the changes it brings.

90 minutes is $45

It will be my pleasure to serve you
My name is Diana

Don Bosco y Loja across from Columbia Pizza

098 978 4319

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