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Oncoclub x Mother’s Day

Last Saturday we were able to create a wonderful space for our patients and their families within a workshop we gave. In total about 60 patients accompanied by their families. The event took place at the Selina Hotel in Cuenca which gave us the opportunity to provide a very nice room for all participants.

In between the presentations of our FUPEC members the workshop “Forgiving and Caring for Yourself” was held and the participants were also asked to actively participate, reflect on themselves and write down their thoughts. Those who wanted to share something with the group were also able to do so.

In total we shared together for 3 hours. Not only were there many emotional and more serious moments, but we also created a morning full of joy and laughter with music, dancing and delicious food.

We are already looking forward to the next workshop, which will take place on June 24.

If you would like to participate as a patient or family member of a patient, please contact us here:
Whatsapp: 098 703 2442
Address: APDISA, Leopoldo Abada 1-95 y Av. 13 de Abril.

Please help share our work on social media platforms:
and GoFundMe

May 20th, from 9 AM to noon, free,

Selina Hotel

FUPEC Volunteers: 098 703 2442

City: Cuenca

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