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FAAN’s Heir of the Dog – wills and planned giving in Ecuador

We receive calls regularly from animal-loving community members wishing to include FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) in their final estate plans.

Planned giving is part of FAAN’s commitment to the Dogs of Cuenca and the Board’s planning for the long-term sustainability of the new shelter.

One of our volunteers and supporters recently went through creating wills in both Ecuador and the US and details the process in this article.
We hope you find it informative. We know we did.

And…Thank you in advance for considering including FAAN in your legacy plans. Together we can work to make Cuenca known as “The City That Cares.”

We should mention that one great benefit of FAAN’s “Heir of the Dog” planned giving program is you receive community recognition for your generous gift right away, so you can join us on our journey of building the new shelter as a legacy benefactor to transform animal welfare in Cuenca.

Contact us at and ask to meet with a member of FAAN’s Legacy Society.
Read the article on preparing wills in Ecuador and the US Here:

FAAN-Heir of the Dog


Rosemary Rein
096 920 9764

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