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Coca leaves!

Dear friends of Gramm, we want to share with you some information about coca leaves:

Coca tea has been heavily used by indigenous people in South America for thousands of years and is made by steeping the leaves of the coca plant in boiling water. This allows the powerful phytonutrients to infuse into the water. In many parts of South America, this tea is known as mate de coca, and the greenish-yellow color is reminiscent of green tea.

The many benefits of coca tea are mainly the result of phytonutrients, as well as vitamin C, vitamin E, and B-family vitamins.

Coca tea
Most preparations call for using whole leaves, as plenty of the active ingredients will infuse the tea without crushing or cutting the leaves. Due to the stimulant qualities of coca tea, 1-2 cups per day is the recommended doses.

Benefits of Coca Tea
Coca tea should be used by people who experience altitude sickness, indigestion, fatigue, hyperactivity, frequent colds and infections, obesity, constipation, indigestion, diabetes and those with high cholesterol.

May boost your energy
Thanks to the stimulant properties of this powerful tea, it can give an excellent energy boost at any time of day. This can help people overcome fatigue.

May aid in weight loss
There is a slight appetite-suppressing quality to this tea, which is good news for people who are trying to lose weight. Furthermore, the B-family vitamins found in coca tea can help stimulate the metabolism, which increases passive fat-burning, so you will be less tempted to overeat, and also burn more calories throughout the day!

May improve gastrointestinal health
Coca tea is well known to soothe the stomach, and many people simply chew on the leaves to settle indigestion and relieve cramping or bloating. However, the same effects can be achieved by drinking this tea.

May help improve immune system
Some of the vitamins found in coca tea are able to give the immune system a much-needed boost. Vitamin C alone can stimulate the production of white blood cells and act as an antioxidant to counter the negative effects of free radicals and prevent infections throughout the body.

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