Your gait is a key diagnostic indicator

Unbeknownst to most people, the pattern of their walk or gait indicates much about their overall well-being. Over the course of a lifetime, individuals make a variety of anatomical adjustments to the way they walk. These adjustments are made both in response to and are often an accommodation to or compensation for physical challenges. These adjustments are seldom isolated events but, rather, accumulate over time. So, as we age, these past adjustments enmesh with and frequently interact with each other. They become a part of one’s fabric and will inevitably manifest themselves in poor biomechanics. These less-than-optimal biomechanics often surface as impediments to pain-free mobility. So, very often it is in an individual’s gait that biomechanical challenges from any part of the body are made evident.

Over the years, I have personally seen how observing and then analyzing an individual’s gait leads to a more complete understanding of that person’s biomechanical challenges. This understanding can then lead to appropriate interventions aimed at pain-free movement. Enjoy walking through the beautiful city of Cuenca unencumbered by physical discomfort!

Whatever your situation, I welcome the opportunity to help you to achieve improved movement and reduced pain.

Williams Reyes – Certified Physiotherapist
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