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Get ready for the cold and flu season!

If you want to lower your risk of getting the flu, IV therapy may be able to help you.

In order to stay healthy, you need the proper nutrients. When your nutrients are balanced, your body will have the resources to heal and regenerate itself. IV therapy can provide your body with the nutrients it desperately needs to fight diseases.

IV Therapy for cold and flu season ingredients:

• Lymphdiaral
• Pascoleucyn
• Mega doses Vit C
• Vitamin B12
• Magnesium

IV therapy cuts out the middleman and delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream so you absorb and benefit from all of them. This provides you with many health benefits

Lymphdiaral is recommended for the treatment of tonsillitis and frequent respiratory infections.

• Reduces the severity of respiratory symptoms.
• Decreases the number of respiratory infections.
• Shortens the disease cycle.
• Relieves swollen lymph nodes.

Contains: Scrophularia nodosa, Echinacea, and Mercurius bijodatus.

Pascoleucyn is a homeopathic medicine with an immune-stimulating effect. It is indicated for the management of infections of diverse origins.

• Stimulates your immune system.
• Anti-inflammatory effect.
• Activates your lymphatic system and immune system cells.

Contains: Echinacea, Baptista, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Thuja, and Lachesis.

I use only the best compounding pharmacies’ best ingredients to ensure the most effective infusions with fewer side effects.

Cost of IV $85 + $ transportation fee.

Los cantones y America

Elsa Rojas
098 177 4961

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