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Mind, Body and Soul weekend retreat in Yunguilla

We have curated two precious containers to journey together on the path to wellness, spiritual awakening, and deep soul nurturing in the magic Yunguilla Ecuador

We have:

Weekend Retreats

Day Retreats

We welcome you to our healing retreats where we explore the blessings of different healing modalities such as the power of Meditation, Movement, Qigong, Yoga, Breath, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Mindset and expanding our consciousness through the offerings of Mother Earth and her elements in our wonderful spaces.

We have a beautiful flow of activities and workshops planned for you to connect within and tap into your unique healing power. We will get to know each other and establish trust and safety to help you navigate whatever life had in store for you until now. Coming as strangers and leaving as family. You are safely guided during our retreat, divinely held, and supported in this space.

Be prepared to get open, vulnerable, and loved on. You will leave feeling nourished, renewed and recharged. We are excited to have you journey with us.

Imagine yourself immersed in an all-inclusive holistic retreat. Either attending alone to meet new souls or with a partner to rekindle a relationship or your whole family. Nestled in a comfortable room, welcomed by nature.

You are greeted by your passionate facilitators and given a warm welcome, a tour of the grounds, and care packages as we show you your room. Take your time to ground in, unwind, and freshen up before meeting the other participants in the grand room.

Enjoy a hot cup of tea while we all begin to connect as a group. There are so many beautiful like-minded souls gathered here, all searching for more, ready to be served the sweet connections of unconditional love and expansion.

The Workshops will include mastering your thoughts, breathwork and meditation to revitalize you, nutrition and yoga to support your body and energy healing to release your emotional baggage and trauma.

These retreats are curated to help guide You + support You + To hold space for You

Whatever you are going through…

Whether you just want to be in a sacred space, or community and feel a sense of belonging, or need a break from the obligations of daily life, maybe your goal is to meditate more this year, or maybe you have just been meaning to take up Qigong or Yoga, or you`ve come to experiment with energy healing, or you are a seasoned yogi who wants to be at the other end of receiving, or simply you just want to meet like-minded people and talk about the power of the Mind, the Moon, we serve you with an incredible weekend of all of that and more, we will nourish your mind, body and soul.

Or maybe you’ve been challenged, experienced loss, failure, heartbreak, you’ve had to let people go, or you’ve had to say goodbye to parts of yourself that no longer serve you. Maybe you`ve recently chosen sober living, and want to create momentum and meet like-minded people, maybe you’ve been healing on your own for too long, or maybe you’ve been through those dark moments where it feels like no one will ever truly understand.

We are here to be your anchor. To help you navigate all of those emotions and feelings. To gift you the practices to come back to self, and love.

So you can enter back into the world, grounded + reset, ​ rested + nourished, renewed. + authentically you.


emotional healing
energy healing
nature immersion
spiritual practice
wellness practice
nutritious diet
mindset shifts

and so much more


All meals are included and we serve a freshly made nutritious diet

Tea and snacks will be available during the day.

(We are able to meet dietary restrictions, please inquire)

Upcoming Retreats Ecuador (Limited spaces, save your spot):

July 21-23th, 2023 (Heal from within retreat)

February 9-11th 2023 (Mind, Body and Soul Recharge)


Full weekend (3 days, 2 nights) $333
One day retreat $199.90

To reserve your spot, DM me on Instagram @thrivewithmaira

July 21 to 23, $333,


Maira Kuzminski Vallejo:

City: Yunguilla

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