Double D’s menu for June 3, Gran Feria Sabatino’s

Our alliance is strong with the LGBTQ+ community and so is our PRIDE menu for Gran Feria Sabatino’s on Saturday, June 3.

Rainbow Iced Cupcakes: $2 each
Chocolate or vanilla cupcakes iced with cream cheese frosting in the colors of the rainbow

Blueberry Scones: $3 each
Our buttery scones with fresh blueberries baked inside

Rainbow Vegetable and Pesto Ricotta Tart: $4/slice
Tender pastry crust baked with a base of pesto ricotta and topped with rings of vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, red onion.

Flourless Chocolate Mini-Cakes: $2.50 each
Dense, rich dark chocolate cupcakes topped with luscious chocolate ganache–a chocolate lover’s dream

Fresh Fruit Parfait: $4 each
Strawberries, uvilla, kiwi, blueberries, and mora layered with our delicious homemade cream

Rainbow Swiss Roll: $3/slice
Brightly colored, delicate sponge cake spiraled around a filling of cream cheese icing

Glazed Sugar Cookies: 3/$2.50
Soft and chewy sugar cookies with almondy glaze

The best way to ensure you get exactly what you want it to pre-order by 3 PM on Tuesday, May 30, for pick-up or delivery from Gran Feria Sabatino’s on Saturday. Delivery is free or orders of at least $25. Otherwise, we’ll see you on Saturday, June 3, starting at 10 AM. Come early for the best selection.

Deb and Dawn

Saturday, June 3; 10 AM – 2 PM,

Sabatino’s Garden Restaurant, Roberto Aguilar y 3 de noviembre (one block west of Plaza Otorongo)

Double Ds Delights: 096 802 2545 (Spanish, English; WhatsApp)