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Fundacion Familia Amor Animal is pleased to share with Gringo Post Readers our latest magazine for animal lovers in Ecuador and around the world.

In this month’s issue you’ll find an informative first-person experience about about creating your Ecuadorian will and planned giving and FAAN’s “Heir of the Dog” program; Learn more about your dog’s emotions and discover some things dogs teach us.

You’ll also learn about upcoming FAAN-atic events including a day trip to the Tarqui countryside on June 3rd where you can walk and play with FAAN dogs who just love human companionship.

Finally, thank you for selecting FAAN as Best Charity and Animal Shelter in 2023. Together we are making Cuenca known as the “The City That Cares”

Visit FAAN Media/Resources Page at

June 3rd 9 AM-2:30 PM,

Tarqui/Cuenca Shelter

Rosemary Rein: 096 920 9764

City: Cuenca