Make money while making a difference

Australian health care firm with an office in Cuenca is looking for 2 sales/customer support reps.

Our health care firm is responsible for protecting an immunologically vulnerable population. Customer support is not for everyone. It takes genuine compassion, an amazing ability to listen carefully, a commitment to the mission and knowledge that you are making the job of those with the greatest responsibilities much easier. You will have many opportunities to listen to our current clients, to understand what needs they have, what obstacles they face. You will also learn the techniques we know work to help inspire new clients to join our mission. You will have many opportunities to provide demos, create links, host meetings, and learn the features of our site, inside and out.

Those interested must be native English speakers, sufficient tech experience to organize video calls and online presentations, strong communication skills. Work days would be Sunday to Thursday, from 3 to 11 PM. Must come to work at the office.

$700 a month base, plus a 20% one-time commission on all physical and subscription sales. $100 a month bonus for churn reduction.

Please contact Ashley at 093 960 6508 for further information.

Ashley: 093 960 6508. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca