Garage Sale final day, this Saturday, 27th, Tres Puentes

We will be holding the final day of our Garage Sale this Saturday the 27th from 8 AM – 5 PM

While we have a few things remaining from the original garage sale (including lightly used towels, bedding, rugs, crystal, artistic decor, medical supplies, sporting goods, games, luggage, CDs, DVDs, clothing), you will find that we have a lot of new items such as Women’s clothing, dog accessories, exercise equipment, motorcycle gear, books.

So, even if you dropped by last weekend, we encourage you to visit again!

Jose Ortega y Gasset 1-60

Tres Puentes (behind the Bocatti on the road to Mall del Rio)

There will be balloons and signs guiding you from Bocatti.

Call if you need assistance with directions.

I also have other lager items like furniture, curtains, artwork… that I will be posting separately, so stay tuned.

Cherrie: 099 220 3001

City: Cuenca