Cuenca Shop: gigantic 2nd 50% off sale

2nd 50% specials for 2 days.

Buy 1, 2nd is 50% off
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The following items are included in this, you better hurry sale:

All teas
All Vitamins
All Toothpastes
All Essential Oils
All Amazon Hot Sauces
All Maska La Vida Vegan Sauces and Sausages
All Heinz Sauces and Relish
All Colcafe Cappuccino Satchets
All Badia Spices
All McCormick products
All Condimensa Spices

Great Moose Maple and Butterscotch Syrup
All Don Simon Caldos (Stocks)
All Arytza Mustards
All Old El Paso Products – don’t miss this
All Barilla Pasta
All Ravioli
All Soaps
All Cake Mixes
All incense sticks
Queen Bee Wildflowers Honey
Libby’s Wgoke Kernel Sweet Corn
All La Europea Canned Goods
All Trolli Lollies
Henry Mor Reserva Familia Extra Virgen Olive oil
All Ponti Vinegars
Fragata Cocktail Onions
Water Chestnuts
Jardin Bio Ratatouille Pasta sauce
All Evaporada Milk
Exotic Siracha hot chilli Sauce
Renuka Products
Picklings Malt Vinegar
Serpis Canned Vegetables
De Nigris Spicy Jalapeno Glazes
All Seva, Hoja Verde, Pacari and Lindor Chocolate
Bacon Bits (Ends)
All Lavazza Coffee Capsules
Liquid Smoke
Hip Flasks
Campbell’s Cream of Broccoli
Cooking Choice Sauces
Oriental Vegetable Pastas
All 50ml Licors
Cervo Brew Beers – New Product
Ron Cartavio Pervian Rum
Ron Bahamas Anejo
Fraile Red Wine
Undurraga Chardonnay
Latitud 33 Malbec
Esteva Douro -Portugal Wine
Ron 100 Fuegos Silver Rum
Barefoot Wines
Johhnie Walker Black 750ml
Tequila San Jose
Wembley Gin
Trivento Malbec
Cubical Gins
Carapuno Silver oAk Barrel Blend Ron
Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum
Kraken Black Spiced Rum
El Greco Sambuca
Carlyle Blended Scotch (Not 12yr old)
Grants Triplewood Whiskey (Not 12 yr old)
Panul Reserva Wines
3 Medallas Wines
Cristal Aguardiente
Dictador 12 yr Rum
William Lawson Scotch
Trapiche Malbec
Sonnema Vodka Herb – from Holland
Mazeratto Cafe Licor
Hotel Statlino Rosso Vermouth Italy
Hotel Starlino Appertivo -Italy
Terra Vega Cabernet Sauvignon
Isle of Skye 12yr Whiskry
Canto de Flora Organic Wines
Ojo de Tigre Mezcal (Cash only)
Barros Porto Ruby
Cihuatan Indigo 12yr Ron
I Muri Puglia – Italian Wine
Parafoja Dos Hemesferos Wine
All 375ml wine

Buy Dalmore 15 yr, 50% off Dalmore 12 yr

Please note: As these deals are all below cost, we would appreciate payment be cash.
If needing to pay by card – Payphone transactions will be fee free
If paying by Card for these deals via the banks card machine, will incur a 5% fee
Yes only for transactions that include these deals.

Deliveries of these deals will be a flat $2.50
Our Standard over $30 Purchase free delivery will only apply on transactions that have $30+ of none deal items included in purchase.

This sale ends at 4:30 PM Saturday, 27th May

Cuenca Shop (King Smokehouse) 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque San Sebastian,Cuenca

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