Chef Rosemary feeds us better than my Jewish Granny!

Due to some serious health issues, I’ve been on a limited diet for a while now.

Wait! Don’t ask hubby to cook – call Chef Rosemary 99 879 2985 (near Don Bosco). Ok, let’s start with bread and dessert – her artisan bakery items (all over town at the ferias) has had to have one of Rosemary’s lemon pies a week.

The other night I had her spinach/glass noodle raviolis – wow!! Had planned on eating 3-4, at entire pack of 12! So good.

Rosemary delivers, but order at least in a day in advance unless it’s one of her great lunches. Her teenage son once carried me up the stairs when I couldn’t make it on my own.

So, besides the food, call Rosemary and meet one of my favorite foodie choices in Cuenca. Menus generally appear here weekly.

Oh – and the chicken broth! Just the broth brought me around in a few days – you can feel the nutrition going down and making you stronger.

Tell her Doreen sent you.

Chef Rosemary
99 879 2985

Almost on top of Don Bosco SuperMaxi

Doreen Dvorin