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I highly recommend Dr. Nick Hiller for physical therapy. I have been seeing Dr. Nick for a few weeks for rehab of my knee. He has me working on hip stabilization, knee range of motion, etc. I have seen many different PTs in the Us and one PT here in Cuenca and Dr. Nick is, by far, the best PT I have seen.

The nice thing about receiving PT here (compared with the US) is that Dr. Nick is able to help me with other body work. For example, I have had long-term issues with my hip after a hip replacement. Dr. Nick is certified in the use of dry needling, which is similar to acupuncture but the needle is longer and can go into the muscle. One 5-minute session of dry needling helped to release a lump of muscle/tissue that has bugged me for years!

Dr. Nick recently graduated from the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical campus Doctor of Physical Therapy. Which means that he has studied and practiced the latest advancements in PT. Plus, he provides one-on-one therapy for an hour just like in the US – but at Ecuadorian prices.

Send Dr. Nick an email if you need PT. He has been very responsive to my initial and follow-up inquiries.

Address: Av Loja en San Roque, Cuenca

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