Recommendation for Monica Jurado, real estate

When we first moved to Ecuador in July 2022, Monica was a great help in arranging our rental in a suburb of Guayaquil. She worked with the owner to work out all the details of the lease until we were completely comfortable. Because she speaks English, we really relied on her!

But more than that, Monica and her husband have helped us with all the little things that are so necessary, but you don’t realize they are important until you are here in a foreign country. They assisted with setting up our internet service, recommended local restaurants and connected us with a driver, among many other things. She truly cared that we had a successful start here in Ecuador.

Her specialty is the region from Guayaquil and up the coast to Olon, so if you are looking to buy or rent in that area, I highly recommend reaching out to Monica.

Address: Samborondon, Guayaquil

Contact information: +593 99 967 0993

Recommended by Rick Blythe: