Pet supplies now deductible! La Mia Mascota Vet and Pet

A recent change in Ecuadorian law now allows Ecuadorians who itemize their personal expenses to deduct pet food and supplies, veterinary medicine and treatments as well as other expenses. Consult your accountant for further advice.

When we have wet, rainy days, how do you protect your little one? Do you have rain gear – including booties – for your pet so it does not get soaked when walking outside? Do you carefully dry and clean it when you return from a walk? It is important for your health as well as your pet’s health.

We are adding new food products to our line of health specific foods. Now we have grain free/meat only foods available. More products will address specific health issues like kidney diseases, liver diseases, heart problems. Be sure to stop by and chat with our carefully educated staff members.

We deliver.

Main office Vet: Arrayan y Alamos; Cuenca; Centro Comercial Plaza Las Americas local #27; El Vergel CC ground floor; and CC Plaza Sur Shopping #4 Challuabamba

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