Natural body bar soaps in Gracie’s Naturals

You may have tried Ananau (local brand) Castile soap in my shop yet. Now, you can find more products from Ananau. Its body bar soaps are rich in emollient and nourishing botanically sourced ingredients that cleanse and protect the skin barrier.

*Hand-made with local ingredients and Fairtrade
*Biodegradable and Cruelty-free
*With sunflower seeds oil, soybean oil, palm tree oil, Extra virgin olive oil
*Free of Parabens
*Free of synthetic fragrances and dyes
*Conservation of natural water sources

Three body bar soaps are available in Gracie’s Naturals.
1. 50 Nuances De Grey
With activated charcoal + Ylang Ylang oil, it deeply cleanses that eliminates toxic environmental pollutants while reducing the overproduction of oil in the skin.
2. Rose Garden
With Achiote + Rosewood oil, an antioxidant that prevents premature aging, contains vitamin A, and helps to balance skin pigmentation.
3. Nuée
With Vitamin E, it has the mildest formula, unscented and colorless, and gently cleanses and moisturizes delicate and sensitive skin.

Price: $4.50/ 95g

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