Gran Feria Sabatino’s is Saturday, June 3

Last month’s fair was so awesome, our vendors couldn’t confirm quickly enough for this one. Your support for these artisans makes a world of difference to them and their families. We’ve expanded to 30 participants to offer you even more high-quality options. Here’s who’s participating.

Alidor Natural Pain Remedy
Antojitos Mexican Food
Artesana Breads by Rosemary
Azuay Community Theater
Blue Biker Blueberries
Coco’s Green Gluten Free Products
Double D’s Delights
Gratzi Chocolate Fino
Hogar de Esperanza
Huertos Jesmer Encurtidos
Il Padrino Salsas
JZ Creations: Plants, Stands, and Kokedamas
Kind Pet Treats
La Caprina Aged Goat Cheese
La Florida Cream Liqueurs & Ginger Beer
Madeira Wood Art
Martina Bakery
Mezze Middle Eastern Foods
Mieles del Sol
Moni’s Accessories
Naná Mil y Un Deleites
Pat’s Pocketbooks and Jewelry
Pei’s Pot Stickers and Steamed Buns
Pig and Cow Smoked and Cured Meats
PRÁNICA Life Smoothies
Remm Medicina Ancestral
Shungo Foods Organic Groceries & Nutrition
TERRA NATURA Fermented Products
Tierras del Sur Café de Altura Lojano
TNT–The New Theater

As usual, we’ll post updates including lunch specials as the event date approaches so watch this space or follow the Facebook event at this link: Until then, make sure Gran Feria Sabatino’s is in your calendar for June 3 as well as the first Saturday of every month.

Saturday, June 3; 10 AM – 2 PM, Entrance is free,

Sabatino’s Garden Restaurant, Roberto Aguilar y 3 de noviembre (one block west of Plaza Otorongo)

Mauricio and Dawn:

City: Cuenca