General Doctor- Medical Interpreter

Hello Dear Expat Community,

I am Dr. Marcela Pesantez , a general doctor graduated in 2017, with 5 years of experience in private clinics and public hospitals (from the government), in Canada and Ecuador.

I obtained my high school diploma in Canada and my 7 years of medical studies in Catholic University of Cuenca, in Ecuador. I would like to keep serving my community and now offer my services as a general doctor and medical interpreter for expats who speak English and do not yet have the necessary Spanish language skills. I am fully bilingual in both Spanish and English.

I am a responsible physician, with a positive attitude, punctual, honest, patient, and very kind, that would love to help you with any needs.

I offer the following services: Family medical care, vital signs control, chronic disease control, pregnancy control, minor surgery procedures, family planning counseling, administration of IV medication and medical translator.

Feel free to reach out at any time.

Miguel Heredia 5-79 y Gran Colombia

Marcela Pesantez
098 761 4342