Recommendation for Highest recommendation – BILDEV Tours, Tours-Translations-Cedula-Visa Assistance

Bildev Tours has provided me with the knowledge to navigate ‘El Centro’ with confidence and plenty of information about the surrounding neighborhoods in order to find an apartment in an area of my choosing. (I needed information and Bildev provided it in clear, concise, and memorable packets.)

I wanted to experience the Ecuador which surrounded the beautiful city of Cuenca. Bildev Tours provided a wonderful tour of five artisanal cities which are in the hills and valleys. Just the information during the beautiful ride would have been worth the cost.

I really wanted to see some Inca ruins. Bildev Tours gave me an excellent tour of ‘Ingapirca’ Archaeological Site which is about three hours north of Cuenca. The day of the tour was the Winter Solstice. The Temple of the Sun was amazingly intact and the indigenous people were celebrating the solstice. A Wonderful experience.

By the end of my December holiday I had decided that I would try to make Cuenca Ecuador my new home. With the advice and assistance of Bildev Tours, I had plenty of information about document requirements to have everything in order before my 2nd arrival into Cuenca on 19 April, 2023. Bildev Tours had done their work and on 18 May I had my Ecuadorian Cedula in my hands.

This fact is amazing! Luis Velasquez and his entire staff deserve to be showered with thanks, plaudits, and praise!

You can trust Bildev Tours! I am exceedingly lucky to have chosen this experienced and knowledgeable group.

Address: Hermano Miguel 4-35 y Calle Larga, Cuenca

Contact information: 096 352 3303

Recommended by David Kemp: