Big boy, affectionate lovable hunk!

My young friend in Veterinary school, went to the coast to visit family who comes to SOLCA for cancer treatments. His heart went out to their 8-month-old puppy, Scooby, who had dug a hole, trying to keep warm, sleeping in the dirt. He sent me a video! I’ve already adopted a small dog from Jo Austin’s group.

I sent money, and the boy brought the sick dog back on the bus (people complaining of its smell) and at sun-up, he had him at a 24-hr. vet clinic, and big boy was put into the hospital for a week! IV’s, meds, special baths, etc. the Veterinary said his mange was contagious to the young man’s other animals!! Although my apartment can’t have pets, my landlady agreed I would keep Scooby here in isolation, until he was totally well!

He is the sweetest, loveable mutt I’ve ever had! He was so lethargic; didn’t bark, for over a month. When the young Veterinary student took him to live with his other pets, Scooby just bloomed into his normal, puppy stage! He’s all well, and likes people and other animals! Neither I nor the young man can have him in our apartments…sadly. Scooby needs to be re-homed!

At least he’s healthy now. He lives inside, and goes out to potty. The Hospital Vet said to wait to neuter him, when his immune system and trauma are a little in the past. He’s about 70 lb. We’ve spent $100’s of dollars on this big boy, and had so many laughs and smiles because of him! He’s had shots, and much more! He needs a yard and fence! I’m sure the Veterinary student will help you get Scooby acclimated! Scooby had learned about being loved and cared for…and we are devastated that the only choices are to move or find him a forever home.

Jefferson Zhina (German’s son)

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