Best of Cuenca, award winning BBQ from Joes’ this week

Joes’ Secret Garden has been serving the best barbecue in town for years and will bring back memories of your favorite rib houses.

Saturday, May 27th – Dine-In. Join your friends at your community gathering place – the bar, lounge, garden or comfortable dining room.
Sunday, May 28th – for take out – pick up or delivery for a casual dinner with friends in the comfort and security of your home or garden and leave the cooking to us.

Our award-winning BBQ dinner will bring back memories from home. Best of Cuenca since 2014.

Careful preparations with classic rubs and hours and hours of hardwood smoking, produce the best ribs in town, and we only use large, meaty St. Louis cuts – the best ribs available – better than ‘baby backs or fatty spare ribs. We finish the ribs with Memphis mop sauce and our own special barbecue sauce to keep them moist.

Dinner includes a combination of ribs, slow cooked pulled pork and grilled house recipe sausage, family recipe potato salad, smokey baked beans and
honey corn bread.

Dessert a summer favorite – Peach and Apple Cobbler with sweet cream.

Or our popular Garlic, Herb and Rosemary Roasted Chickens.
Vegetarians … of course with advance order.

Famous Onion Rings complimentary from 4:30-5:30 PM in the garden.

More details. prices on and ordering on our website:
Questions? Call us at 096 950 6605

Delivery available from $2.50 + depending on your location.

Saturday, May 27 – dine in – from 4:30 for bar, lounge, and garden, dinner 6pm, Take-out and delivery on Sunday, May 28th, address at time of order,

Address at time of ordering

KP and Ken: