Reflexology treatment (4 sessions special offer)

Reflexology treatment is much more than a foot massage, it’s a natural, non-invasive, holistic way of helping the body heal.

After one session you will feel relax, and some other reactions are part of the healing process as your body releases waste products and rebalances… but the clue is to experience several sessions to see some changes.
*** With Reflexology everyone can react differently.

As I’m staying one more month in Cuenca and then will be leaving for some time, I want to offer special price for 4 sessions (1 weekly). Contact me and ask for more information.

If you have thought about trying Reflexology but never got around to it, this is one chance to give it a go.

Sit back, clear your mind and rebalance your body while enjoying the benefits of stimulating the body’s natural healing ability!

The sessions are done in the comfort of your own home.

10 Benefits
– The ability to stimulate nerve function
– increase energy,
– boost circulation,
– induce a deep state of relaxation,
– eliminate toxins,
– stimulate the central nervous system,
– prevent migraines,
– clean up urinary tract conditions
– help relieve sleep disorders,
– reduce depression and relieve pain.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Yayi Lukin
098 039 6999