Expat lunch at La Yunta

Hi all, Cuenca Expat community is the best in Ecuador and we have all been part of it.

Covid did change life for a while but now we are all back on board, so, let’s get together and be as we were years back.

Every last Monday of the month, we are going to have a lunch at La Yunta

Monday May 29

From 12:30 PM

Lunch choices

Soft drink

1. Beef lasagna, fresh salad and garlic bread
2. Chicken pot pie, sauteed vegetables
3. Quinoto vegetales

$8 pp

If you want to join us, please send us an email with you food choice.

Please do invite other old timers and new comers

Lets keep Cuenca expat community.


Monday, May 29,

Ave 1 de Mayo y Américas

Sole Riquetti: layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.com 098 945 6551