Arquitectural Treasure’s Trip of Cuenca

Cuenca Ecuadorian Heritage city Monday, March 29 1982.

In 1978 they begin to make an inventory of our Cuenca’s Arquitectural Treasure’s. Responsible for this, Eudoxia Estrella was the Cuencana who loved her city. She begins looking for the financing to restore today the Municpal Museo de Arte Moderno. She opens the eyes of all Cuencanos and the town council begins to take an awareness establishing regulations for maintaining and conserving the Architecture, right after the restoration of LaCasa de la Temperancia was complete in 1981. On Monday, March 29 1982 Our beautiful Cuenca was declared a Ecuadorian Heritage by the then government.

This Monday, June 5th we will be having our Inauguration of “Cuenca’s Arquitectural Treasure’s Trip”

Hope you can join us for an incredible experience discovering and learning history of some of these beautiful architectural treasures. Walk with us and rediscover Cuenca going back in time to learn about a few of these breathtaking places.

Growing up, I went to college and wanted to be an architect but for some reason did not complete my career and had to come back to my home country of Ecuador to be captivated by Cuenca’s architectural treasure’s.

Today I would like to share some of my investigative research of learning and appreciating the beauty of these beautiful structures. At one moment in time, they were families’ home’s.

This is the only way of promoting the conservation of our tangible and intangible heritage…by sharing with beautiful people who also fell in love with our Cuenca.

Join us on this incredible journey thru Cuenca.
We will be having this experience every Monday throughout our calendar of activities.

If anyone would like, we can share this experience with family and friends.

Reservations: Spaces will be limited to make this experience more fulfilling. Come immerse yourself with Cuenca’s Architectural Treasure’s Trip.

Monday, June 5th from 10 AM to 12:30 PM approximately. $25,

San Sebastian Plaza

Martin Avila:

City: Cuenca