An ideal cafeteria with more choices

A cafeteria with typical Chinese foods, snacks and desserts prepared personally by a professional cook and baker who graduated from a culinary school in southwest of China. Before eating you can have a cup of tasty coffee that will help you to be more healthy (scientific study proved that coffee drinkers have much better immune system than non-drinkers), after eating you may take a cup of tea (green or black depends on your stomach type) to relax yourself.
Life is natural, life is simplicity, life is health, that is the spirit of Tao.
You deserve it, she/he deserves it, all of us deserve it, health will cover every corner of the world.

Monday to Sunday but Tuesday, from 11 AM to 5 PM,

Juan Jaramillo 7~64 near Park Calderon in historical center

max: +593 99 464 4722