Recommendation for Dr. Andres Vega, full service dentist

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Andres Vega for all dental matters in Cuenca, they are the best I have found in ten years of living here!

History: I went to well-known dentist here, who brought in third parties to do the parts this dentist could not do, and the treatment I received in that office nearly landed me in the hospital. I developed a terrible infection that went into my sinuses, out my ear and down my throat from a brutal (unnecessary and counter-indicated as it turned out) bone graft in my jaw, as well as endodontistry that was not done properly (there was a foreign object that got left in my root canal which showed up on the x-ray), and everything was infected and contaminated. In the four-week period I was under treatment there, I repeatedly complained that I was very sick and had infection, but this dentist refused me antibiotics before and during or immediately after the surgery, a practice that is unheard of in the US with a surgery. I was persistently told “I was fine”.

Immediately after the surgery, I became extremely ill, I looked like I had a baseball in my mouth, and I sought a second opinion.

I went to Dr. Juan Fernando Vega (Aurelio Aguilar 1-59 Av Solano, edificio DTM) who told me I was in critical shape, that I could have died of septicemia, and in full integrity referred me urgently to a specialist because he did not do endodontistry and periodontistry in his office.

The specialist was Dr Andres Vega (no relation to the other Vega). This husband/wife team is uber-competent with multiple degrees, they are thorough, caring, attentive, gentle, kind, and reasonably priced. They are bilingual, fluent in English, having lived in the US. Their father, Dr. Victor Acosta, is another well-known and highly respected dentist in Cuenca and they share an office building off Ordonez Lasso behind the Banco Pacifico. They do general dentistry (crowns and bridges, etc.) as well as enodontistry and periodontistry. No calling in strangers or other consultants, the buck stops here.

They took a very conservative approach, doing only what was necessary at every stage, explaining everything thoroughly, they have very complete technology, with an Xray machine (taking images right in the chair all along the treatment, so no need to go across town for images that may not be sufficient) and no extra charges. They had to redo-everything, clean all the canals and roots that were contaminated from the first procedure, removed the bone graft that was not attached, but floating there causing infection and inflammation, and cleared the infection before doing any other kind of intervention. I did lose half of my molar and its infected root because it could not be saved at this point, and I will face $2000 for a series of new crowns and a bridge, another 6-8 months of treatment. However, my infection is finally gone, and I am regaining my health, so I am really happy!

When I was well enough to get out, I went back to the first dentist to have a conversation about my experience in that office and the proofs I had acquired, and asked for a refund of the $1000 I spent there for all of my pain, to underwrite the mitigation of the damage. The response was to start taping my conversation on a cell and threatening to call the police. There was no interest in any kind of responsibility or recompense, or even listening to my plight. I was stunned.

I can highly recommend Dr. Juan Fernando Vega’s office for anything you might need. They have it all. If you have any questions about them, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email. If you decide to try them out, please tell them I referred you. I want them to know how happy I am with their kindness and excellent service! Pretty sure they saved my life, besides my mouth.

Their contact is: +593 98 665 7609. They are located behind the Banco Pacifico off Ordonez Lasso.

Also, for crowns, bridges and cosmetic dentistry: Dr. Juan Fernando Vega (Aurelio Aguilar 1-59 Av Solano, edificio DTM) +593 99 597 4336

Address: Located behind the Banco Pacifico off Ordonez Lasso.

Contact information: don’t have an email +593 98 665 7609

Recommended by Mary T: +593 99 925 8138