Gorgeous brand-new wigs for sale

Ladies, Having a bad hair day? Maybe you are losing hair, maybe you’ve had a medical event, or you just want a different look. A wig can save your day! These wigs will last years, they pay for themselves with saved trips to the hairdresser, and your hair always looks great on a moment’s notice.

These wigs are fine quality, well-made, brand new with tags, came in the wrong color. All Jon Reneau, Jazz mono wigs. Regular fit. They sell online for $394 – $334 depending on color and availability. You have to try them for color and shape. Check the links for more details.

1) Jon Reneau Jazz Mono top 5327 Color: 8/30 cocoa twist-medium brown and medium red gold blend (looks more blonde than red)
Paid $236 + tax and shipping Price: $225

2) Jon Reneau Jazz Mono top 5327 Color: FS27 Strawberry Syrup – Medium red/gold brown and light red gold blend with light red/gold blonde highlights (again, more blonde/brown than red)
Paid $236 + tax and shipping Price: $225

3) Jon Reneau Jazz Mono top 5327 Color: Cocoa bean – light chestnut brown blended with light auburn (mostly brown)
Paid $333 +tax and shipping Price: $295

You can try these before buying with a wig cap (provided).

Email with your interest or questions. Thank you!

Mary T: spiritlifting@gmail.com

City: Cuenca