Join the Cuenca Connection at Nomadas Bistro on May 27, Saturday

Join us at the Nomadas’ Cuenca Connection meta-comedy and Q & A; dinner show! Held on the last Saturday of every month (5-8 PM). Each “show” will feature world-class comedy readings of Robert Brady’s work (visit and look for his work).

The showrunner, Mark Wild, will also perform his own comedy skits and Q & A sessions. Over time other acts will join the show. Reserve through “Nomadas Bistro Cuenca” on Fb. “The Cuenca Connection” on Fb.

May 27, from 5-8 PM (doors open at 4 PM),

Calle Larga, south side, one block west of Benigno Malo

Ian Ropke: WhatsApp text: +1 415 230 0579