Help for Paws with Hope

Paws with Hope has rescued over 60 street dogs in the past 5 years, as well as a good number of cats. We will not be taking in any more dogs or cats because we still have a few who have been waiting to find their forever families for a while. We try our best to give these dogs the best life possible while living here, but unfortunately a few are growing depressed and really need families of their own.

Thanks to people who have supported our rescue mission, every animal currently here is sterilized.

We are desperately in need of dog food at the moment. We go through one huge bag weekly.

We have 10 dogs and 1 cat. All the dogs need a grooming and flea meds which will prob cost between $25-$35 each dog.

If you can donate please reach out to me. You can also donate through paypal:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

With love from all the current paws: Max, Scott, Tala, Peanut, Nila, Bailey, Osa, Noella, Lobo, and Scooter


City: Cuenca