Walking your dog on a short leash? La Mia Mascota Vet and Pet

Have you ever walked your dog on a short leash and realized how frustrating it is for the creature to be unable to move away from your side when it is safe? (This is also true for cats – a friend of ours used to walk her cat and he loved to explore far from her but still on a leash).

A Flexi leash allows your pet to have a far greater range of motion and ability to explore while still maintaining control over its activities. You won’t have to let your pet loose, but it will be able to explore freely and securely.

Ask for the Flexi leash in your favorite color, style, and length when you visit our pet shops. You’ll find what you need.

We have a wide variety of foods and toys as well as beds and clothes for your pet. The cold season is coming soon. You need to be prepared. Did you know Bethoven products are made right here in Cuenca and are very durable?

Come visit us or call for home delivery.

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