Looking for group of women to develop a project

I am Caty Frenkel, founder of The Cookie Concept, my artisan cookie entrepreneurship in Cuenca, Ecuador.

As part of my social responsibility philosophy, I started a project called “Empowered Women”, which is a new distribution channel of selling cookies, that involves women who are heads of household, single mothers, unemployed, adult women who cannot find a job due to their age, or who develop small entrepreneurial ideas that are not usually stable or sustainable in the long term. These women sell cookies in exchange for a commission on those sales.

The objective of this project is that these women get income and improve their quality of life carrying out an activity in which they are not discriminated based on their gender, age, lack of academic preparation or previous work experience, and that they feel empowered to generate income for their home.

It has been difficult to get to know women which could work in the project and generate income. Does anybody know about groups of women in need, foundations, organizations or any other institution or volunteer groups that I can contact to tell about my project?

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Caty Frenkel: 099 252 0103. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca