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Ecuadorian citizenship

Are people holding retirement visas or religious/volunteer visas being discriminated against?

At an appointment in Azogues today to submit my paperwork for citizenship I was told I am ineligible.

Registro Oficial Tercer Suplemento No 18, Seccion XII, iii) asks for documents from 2 of 4 methods to show a person has financial means to support himself. After listing those 4 methods, is a section addressing retired persons followed by a section addressing persons with religious or volunteer reasons.
In reading the paragraph related to retired persons, it offers retired persons supplemental ways of showing financial capability, including documentation of original method of permanent visa. For me this was my Social Security. The last paragraph addressed persons here for religious and or voluntary reasons.

According to the lawyer in Azogues, those last two paragraphs are not alternate methods of providing statements of financial security, and I must also show two of the four above methods in addition (meaning I need to show three methods of financial competency as opposed to only two for other people.)

I feel sorry for those attempting to obtain a citizenship with a volunteer visa, their requirements are mind-boggling! In addition to providing two additional means of financial support as everyone else must do.

Has anyone else had this issue?
I know police often stop travelers for bribes, was I missing something? Is that how things are done here?

I’m not looking for a debate. Ecuador can set their laws any way they want to, I am only asking for other people’s experience.

Mary: .

City: Cuenca

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