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I am a certified physiotherapist who also possesses a professional nursing license. My certifications include: specialist in manual techniques, advanced physical therapy techniques, sports massage and therapeutic massage. I am approved to practice physical therapy in Ecuador.

What is different about working with me? It’s the experience of working with a caring, competent professional who always goes the “extra mile” to get to the heart of a problem. My formal education/training as well as hands-on experience are key to my efficiently solving the problem(s) you are encountering. In my work, I utilize the most current technologies and employ recognized best practices. I work with individuals who require post-surgical rehabilitation, are experiencing neurological challenges or are dealing with pain.

I have established a reputation for my dedication to and perseverance at solving the biomechanical challenges that individuals experience. It’s the capacity to get to the root of a problem. I also think of this capacity as “smart physical therapy.”

I invite you to call for an appointment. All sessions are conducted in your home. Our initial meeting will be free of charge to you. I look forward to working with you. Together, we will get you to that better place.

Yours in improved well-being,
Williams Reyes

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