Recommendation for Chef Rosemary and Elsa Rojas, chef, massage

The last year has been a health nightmare for me. I can’t tell you how many doctors have done nothing (contact me if you want the good ones), but the point here is that Chef Rosemary and Elsa Rojas literally saved my life.

After two weeks of being unable to eat or drink, Chef Rosemary (99-879-2985) made me a special chicken broth (no noodles, meat, just broth) that gave me energy in every spoonful. Delicious and after two weeks of Rosemary’s broth I could slowly start eating her food.

How good is it? My husband cleaned out the freezer and must have one of her lemon pies every week! The other day I met another Chef Rosemary client who told me he’d starve to death without her.

Obviously, I highly recommend Chef Rosemary. She tries new things and thus far, I’ve gained weight so we’re spreading the word. The food is kind of Ecuadorian/World Recipe mixes. Don’t miss the pie.

After Chef Rosemary got me some energy, I called Elsa Rochas (98 177 4961) for massage. I’d been bed ridden 4-6 months, felt like a wet rag and could barely walk. Elsa knew exactly what to do – especially with my legs, a real issue.

Of course, one massage is never enough and Elsa came back and all I can say is, she knows secret techniques I’ve never had in a lifetime of semi-regular massage.

Elsa did a special head massage – I told her I have brain fog and my head felt tight – which is the most amazing experience I’ve had with massage. It took me at least two hours “to get back in my body.” I’m usually relaxed after massage, but I was an overcooked noodle! She also worked my legs.

Elsa got rid of my restless legs and whatever was happening to/in my head and two days later I was out in the. wheelchair enjoying the weather and standing on my own when sidewalks were impossible for chair.

I cannot recommend these two women enough. Elsa and Rosemary have both greatly improved my quality of life and pricing is very reasonable. They both post here – menus and general posts – do yourself a favor. Give them a call.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 98 177 4961 Elsa, 99 879 2985 Chef Rosemary

Recommended by Doreen Dvorin: