Designer Curtains at Discount Prices

These custom-made curtains by Artex can be machine washed and hang beautifully afterwards, no pressing needed

The prices include all hardware (Mounts, Bars, End Caps & Screws). The white are a semi-sheer material and the tan are thicker and heavier. The final curtain listed is a blackout (blocking) curtain perfect for the bedroom. If you are interested in all of them, I could offer a package discount.

Size Color Price
55L x 49W Tan $55
85L x 50W Tan $55
85L x 75W Tan $65
86L x 108W Tan $70
86L x 69W Tan $60
87L x 120W Tan $90
93L x 107W Tan $70
53L x 83W White $55
54L x 58W White $50
86L x 70W White $60
86L x 99W White $60
92L x 109W White $70
92L x 90W White $60
130L x 108W White $100
86L x 42W Blocking $80

Cherrie: 099 220 3001

City: Cuenca