Life in motion – Osteopathy Cuenca

Have you ever asked yourself:
Where do I stand in my life right now?
Where do I want to go?
Am I ready?

Osteopathy can help you from being stuck in your life to be in motion again. And with that, there is a great chance that ailments like pains go away. My goal is to balance your nervous system to give you back the potential and power for self-healing.

For diagnosis and treatment, I use my hands, heart, and mind.
During our first appointment, I will conduct a thorough anamnesis, diagnostic, and treatment. I need to know your detailed medical history, to begin with. After that, there will be a thorough physical examination to find your primary osteopathic lesions. Having found them I will treat those lesions manually to obtain an optimized function again. The duration for this comprehensive initial appointment is usually 1.5 hours and its cost is $90.

If needed, subsequent treatments are available at a fee of $60 for 1 hour. The structure will be the same as outlined above except for a shorter anamnesis.

I treat in the rooms of “Panamerican Acupuncture”
Avenida Enrique Arizaga Toral y Victor Tinoco Chacón
+593 98 162 8570

Enrique Arizaga Toral y Víctor Tinoco Chacón

Dr Philipp Becker MD CO
+593 98 162 8570