Phoenix Reiki and Wellness

Phoenix Reiki and Wellness is now offering Alternative and Natural healing modalities including nutritional assessments, detox and healing with local and ancestral plant medicines. Educational classes provided each month and will include senior nutrition, implementing superfoods and antioxidants, and botany baskets, highlighting the use and properties of the amazing variety of flora in Ecuador.

*Plant ceremonies containing small group health approved participants only.

Therapy based on the Usui Reiki Method. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words REI (Higher Power) and KI (Life Force Energy). Using the intentional healing energy force of unconditional love and higher spiritual guidance, old patterns and thought processes can be identified and released. True transformational healing occurs in all the bodies when conscious healing is present. Subtle but powerful healing modality.

*Services include Reiki sessions and meditations, group healing sessions, and Reiki classes. Healing sessions include plant clearings (Limpias), chakra balancing and attunements, color bath, crystal healing, and singing bowls.

Extensive knowledge and experience working with children and adolescents with ASD and ADD/ADHD.
*All consultations for children with disabilities will always be free of charge.
*Monthly support groups for children and parents will soon be announced.

Sol Studio* is a beautiful, Zen, clean, safe and private studio located in Puertas del Sol.
Consultations and Reiki therapies by appt. only.

Pamela Phoenix A.
B. Sci. in Alternative Medicine (Everglades U.)
Usui Reiki Master 2003*
Andean Philosophy and Lineage

Sol Studio
Puertas del Sol
Rafael Fajardo y Daniel Munoz

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Rafael Fajardo y Daniel Munoz

Pamela Phoenix

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