Godmother and Godfather for a Day, together for the right to education

As the academic year comes to a closure, we at Crea Tu Espacio need your help to make the next a successful one:

Young migrant students in Cuenca need financial support in order to be able to afford school uniforms, backpacks, folders, and everything else they need to attend school.

Our project, Godmother and Godfather for a Day, has been a great success in supplying these materials for several years through the help of many kind supporters around the world.

Join our cause now:
On http://www.globalgiving.org, we are raising funds to help these young learners fulfill their educational goals. During May, globalgiving gives an extra 50% to incoming donations – so now is the time to take action!

Any amount you are able to donate is greatly appreciated, and we hope to count on your support.

Fundacion Crea Tu Espacio

City: Cuenca